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Standard Terms and Conditions for Marine Surveyors and Consultants

ITIC has published a set of standard terms for general interest of members of ITIC that can be found here.

Almost all cargo transported throughout the world is carried according to some form of contractual conditions. Ship owners, freight forwarders and other carriers carry on their business knowing they are protected by their trading conditions. 

It is perhaps surprising therefore that surveyors and consultants, who deal with the same ships and cargoes, seldom take steps to obtain the same protection.
Start using Standard Terms NOW.

Guidelines for incorporating Standard Terms and Conditions 

Having an excellent set of standard terms and conditions in your desk drawer or on your website is all very well, but unless you have incorporated them into your contract with your client they will not help you.  
It is therefore very important that you incorporate your terms into your offers.  ITIC provides information on how to incorporate terms here.

Indemnity to access the ship

Often ITIC’s surveying members are asked by ship owners, with whom they have no contract, to sign an indemnity, disclaimer, waiver or release in favour of the ship owner, before they are granted access to the vessel. For example, when appointed by a prospective buyer to perform a pre-purchase survey or when appointed by cargo insurers to inspect cargo aboard a vessel. ITIC has provided many surveyors with advice about how to tackle these requests and further information on this can be found here. 

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