National aviation registries address a wide audience. This implies the possibility of a large range of aviation claims. 

All professionals in the aviation sector have dealings with the national aviation registry in their career, since its roles and functions are central to the industry.

These roles include airworthiness certification, maintenance of aircraft registers, aircraft mortgages and registering births, deaths and missing persons on board aircraft, licensing and training aviation personnel.

Here are two scenarios which could incur substantial consequential losses to an aviation registry:

  • Timeliness
    Details of aircraft owners and mortgage providers held on the register are not kept up to date, and the wrong party is then pursued by a creditor. 
  • Accuracy
    Incorrect certification of an aircraft engineer, resulting in the individual being employed in functions beyond his or her remit. 

The professional approach is professional indemnity insurance - essential for aviation registries. 

Is your business ready for the ‘worst case’ scenario? 

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