Reporting and handling a claim

Reporting a claim

ITIC is known for resolving issues and paying claims with over $350m paid out in claims since 1992. Reporting a claim to ITIC is easy. It is important that you advise ITIC, by telephone or email as soon as possible and do not admit liability.

ITIC has produced a set of two e-learning videos outlining how you can report a claim to ITIC and how it is then subsequently managed. This first e-learning video talks you through the steps on how to report a claim to ITIC. For further information you can read ITIC’s guide on reporting and managing a claim

Handling a claim

ITIC has a dedicated, in-house, claims team who will handle your claim and will work with you to decide the best way forward. The options include paying the claim, attempting settlement negotiations or disputing liability on your behalf. Find out more about how ITIC manages a claim by watching this e-learning video

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