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During this extraordinary time of lockdowns around the world, there will be issues with receiving the original bills of lading.  Port agents may be asked by consignees to deliver goods to them without providing a bill of lading in return. 

A port agent was owed US$ 190,000 by a lumber company, the consignee of a cargo of lumber, in respect of both storage and demurrage charges.

Prior to a cargo arriving the local agent received an enquiry from the shipper asking whether the original consignee on the bill of lading could be changed. The agent advised that as long as all the parties were in agreement, it could be done.

The employee of a ship agent created false payment documents in respect of a genuine supplier to the agent. The employee provided all the necessary (false) documentation (including falsified operational approvals) before passing it onto accounting for payment.

A ship was being fixed to transport a cargo of caustic soda.

A ship agent manifested cargo incorrectly due to converting the weight into the wrong unit of measurement.

ITIC, the International Transport Intermediaries Club, is seeing an increasing number of ship agents becoming exposed to the fall-out from the bankruptcy of their principal.

ITIC warns agents to respond to shippers’ requests in good time, or face the possibility of financial penalties. 

International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) has warned its members of the need to incorporate terms and conditions into their business dealings in order to limit their potential exposure to liability.

International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) says ship brokers and agents are among those most at risk of exposure to fraud in the shipping industry, and urges them to carry out simple checks in order to protect themselves.

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