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The Wire - Focus on Naval Architecture 2012 in French

The Wire - Focus on Naval Architecture 2012 in Spanish

The Wire is ITIC’s e-newsletter which is sent to insured members of ITIC and their brokers several times a year. Each issue is specifically targeted to a sector of the membership, which on th

A naval architect entered into an agreement in 2007 to design a jetboat. The company that built the boat did not have any insurance, although the naval architect was not aware of this fact at the time.

A naval architect was appointed to re-design and certify part of a mast support structure on a yacht. The yacht was being converted into a luxury vessel to be used in commercial operations....

A naval architect member of ITIC designed two vessels to be built to US Coastguard rules for work in the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly before the completion of the first vessel, the member advised ITIC that it had made an error the...

A naval architect's client commissioned the design of a tug but did not immediately build it. Two years later, the client contacted the naval architect and asked him to update the specification. Four tugs were ordered. The...

An architect was contracted to design the hull and rigging for a new yacht. Another naval architecture firm was contracted to design the interior. The yacht was completed and delivered to t

A naval architect in France provided a stability study on a barge which guaranteed it would remain stable up to a maximum cargo load of a specific weight. The condition of this guarantee was that for the bar

A naval architect was instructed by the owner of a vessel to investigate the cause of continued cracking in the hull. The report produced by the naval architect attributed the blame to the original architects for their...

A company ordered a ferry from a shipyard. A naval architect member was appointed to supervise the build but the design had been produced by another naval architect. As the vessel was to be used on an international route, she had...

ITIC’s member designed some bollards to be placed in a north European port. Most of the bollards were welded into position and were satisfactory. A small percentage of the bollards were to be removable for use with roll on roll...

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