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Debt collection

Join Mark Brattman and Fiona Reynolds, ITIC's Claims Director and Claims Executive respectively, as they discuss various issues with debt collection. Fiona is ITIC's resident debt collection specialist and draws on years of experience to chat with Mark about best practices and the potential problems that may arise when seeking debt collection.


Bonus episode with Mark Brattman

In this special bonus podcast get to know ITIC's new Claims Director Mark Brattman. Mark has been with ITIC for 17 years as Legal Advisor and just recently taken on the position of Claims Director. Mark chats with Emma Leworthy, ITIC's Marketing Director, about the new role, his experiences so far as well as favourite movies and food.


Demurrage time bars

In ITIC Insight's latest podcast episode ITIC’s Ilka Frischen and Alberto Comitardi discuss demurrage disputes and claims. Demurrage should be a matter between the owners and the charterers but often this is not the case and Ilka and Alberto talk about what to look out for and best practices.


Board of Directors interview series - Claes Devantier

Once again ITIC's General Manager Tom Irving speaks with one of ITIC's Board of Directors - Claes Devantier, Senior Vice President at Maersk Broker. Claes talks about his extensive career, the impact of the pandemic on his business and the market and what lies ahead.


Cyber security

In today's podcast ITIC’s very own Charlotte Kirk, Commercial Director, and Alistair Mactavish, Underwriting Director and Chief Operating Officer, discuss cybercrime and cyber security. Any business or individual using electronic communication can be the subject of an attack by hackers and Charlotte and Alistair share their insights and advice on how to minimise your exposure.


Insurance broker interview series – John Brown of Marsh Specialty UK

John Brown, Senior Vice President, Marine Liability Practice Head, Marine UK, Marsh Specialty UK, takes the hot seat in this edition of ITIC Insight and chats with Director, Robert Sniffen, about Marsh JLT Specialty, the challenges and opportunities the organisation has encountered during COVID-19 and shares some thoughts about what the future may have in store.


Knock for knock

Join Darryl Kennard, a partner at Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP and Robert Hodge, Director, as they discuss knock-for-knock liability insurance. Knock-for-knock liability provides that each party to the contract agrees to take responsibility for, and to indemnify and hold the other harmless in respect of, death and injury to its own personnel, and loss and damage to its own property. This is intended to be effective even if the incident is caused by the negligence of the indemnified party. We hope you enjoy this latest edition.


Board of Directors interview series - Michael Shakesheff

In the third of our Board of Directors interview series Tom Irving, ITIC's General Manager, takes to the microphone to speak with Michael Shakesheff, Managing Director at Casper Shipping. Michael and Tom discuss the challenges facing port agents, Michael's unique history with ITIC and the Hide Tide Foundation.


Joint & several liability

Join Tom Irving and Matthew Offers as they discuss joint and several liability. In many countries ship agents and, in some cases ship managers, can find themselves involved in claims as a result of their joint and several liability with their principal, be that the ship owner or charterer. This liability arises as a result of either local law or port statute (statutory liabilities). Tom and Matthew draw on their years of experience to discuss recent cases and ways to avoid this.


Insurance broker interview series - Sara Darroch of Tysers

In the second of our insurance broker interview series Sara Darroch from Tysers speaks with ITIC Director Robert Sniffen. Robert and Sara discuss some of the challenges currently faced with the pandemic, the market and look forward to what can be expected over the next few years, with a particular focus on Australia.

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