Welcome to this edition of the Intermediary.  Since the last edition the Club has reached a landmark.  We have now collected over US$ 50 million on behalf of our Members.  Additional Legal Expenses and Debt Collection Insurance, Rule 10, is increasingly popular and in this issue of the Intermediary you will find several articles relating to the collection of unpaid disbursements and commissions.  The Club’s cover is a true insurance covering the costs of employing lawyers, and other third parties, to pursue claims on your behalf.

Last year was the Club’s 75th anniversary and as a celebration we organised Forum 2000, which brought together Members from all over the world to discuss issues of common interest.  A lot has happened in a short period and nowhere is this more true than in the world of e-commerce.  In this issue we look at the current situation in this rapidly developing sector.  We also give practical advise on website disclaimer wordings.

Our regular Intermediary interview is with Barbara Fletcher of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.  Barbara provides her views on education and training and outlines the world-wide work being undertaken by the ICS.

We hope that you will find the articles both informative and interesting.

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