The role of the intermediary is often blurred, especially in these times of increased commercial pressures, and “whose agent am I?“ is a question often asked by ITIC’s Members. Furthermore, the intermediary is being regularly sued by parties who should be directing their attentions towards the principal, rather than the agent. Both these issues are addressed in this edition of the “Intermediary“.

The ISM Code, now four years old, is part of everyday life for many ship owners and ship managers, and with the implementation of phase two almost every remaining commercial ship is now subject to its regulations. Further information on this subject can be found in this edition.

Loss prevention information is of great importance and this issue of the “Intermediary“ contains a number of articles providing advice on matters ranging from mediation to money laundering.

To finish on a lighter note, we hope to receive numerous entries for the crossword competition on the back page, particularly where there is a bottle of champagne to be won.

We would welcome any comments that you may have on this issue, or any other matters relating to the Club, and hope that you enjoy this year’s “Intermediary“.

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