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Shipbrokers and the Law Lloyds of London Press has recently published “Shipbrokers and the Law” written by Andrew Jamieson, legal advisor and director of ITIM, ITIC’s management company. The book sets out in a non-technical way the major liabilities and rights of shipbrokers and gives a thorough explanation of the broker’s entitlement to commission. “Shipbrokers and the Law” has received a number of favourable reviews and is a valuable addition to every shipbroker’s bookshelf.

Paul Smith, whose name will be familiar to many Members of ITIC, has left ITIM and established his own consultancy business, Paul Smith Associates. He was employed by the managers of ITIC and its predecessors for some twenty years and was the Club Secretary for much of that time, as well as being appointed to the position of Marketing Director in 1992. Paul will continue to assist ITIC with the handling of specific projects on a consultancy basis and will remain as editor of The Intermediary.

His new address is:

Paul Smith Associates, 308 High Street,

Croydon, Surrey CR0 1NG.

Tel No. 0181 686 6535 Fax No. 0181 688 4010

and e-mail

Electronic Mail

The rapid growth in the use of electronic communication has opened up a new area of risk , much of which represents uncharted territory. Members should therefore be careful as to what information they include in their e-mail communications, whether internal or external. In a recent case in England the Norwich Union Insurance Group was ordered to pay a rival insurer £450,000 damages plus legal costs after a defamatory message was circulated internally by e-mail. The communication included unfounded rumours about the financial viability of the rival insurer.

ITIC Board of Directors

The Club has announced the retirement of Benjamin Wong from its Board. His farewell meeting took place in London in April when the Club’s Chairman, Paul Vogt, presented him with an inscribed fountain pen to mark his long and distinguished service as a director of both ITIC and its predecessor, Transport Intermediaries Mutual (TIM).

“Ship Agent’s Obligations and Remedies” - BIMCO residential course

Julia Mavropoulos, claims manager and director of ITIM, and Paul Smith, ITIC consultant, both spoke at a BIMCO residential course held in Copenhagen. Subjects included “Agents and Statutory Liabilities”, “Bills of Lading (Pitfalls for Agents)” and the “Ship Agent’s Remedies in Collecting Outstanding Disbursements”. This course was complimentary to one held earlier in the year on the subject of “Shipbroker’s Obligations and Remedies” at which Andrew Jamieson, ITIC’s legal advisor, and Paul Smith were speakers. Recent Publications ITIC has recently published the latest edition of The Claims Review. This was a special ship agents’ edition devoted exclusively to “Ten Golden Rules for the delivery of cargo”. The Golden Rules are illustrated by examples of cases involving ship agent Members of ITIC in recent years. If you would like a copy please contact the Managers.

New Address

Since the last issue of The Intermediary was published the address for the Club has changed. The Managers are now located at International House, 26 Creechurch Lane, London EC3A 5BA. Telephone and fax numbers remain the same.

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