Welcome to the October edition of the Claims Review

Welcome to the October edition of the Claims Review

Hopefully many of you are beginning to get back to your office and life is becoming a bit more normal again. ITIC successfully hosted an almost complete board meeting (two directors joined the meeting virtually, with everyone else physically attending) at the end of September in London, for the first time since 2019.

Whilst some travel is starting to pick up again, we are continuing to produce a number of webinars and podcasts, so that we can reach more of you than ever before. All of our webinar recordings can be found on the ITIC website: https://www.itic-insure.com/knowledge/webinars/

Numerous topics are covered, including shipbrokers’ simple slips, IMO 2021, current claims trends for ship managers and a three part ship arrest series. There is also a webinar entitled “virtual robbery” which outlines cyber frauds and how all members can protect themselves against such digital threats. We continue to urge members to be vigilant against online frauds, particularly any requests to change bank details.

New episodes of ITIC’s podcast series, ITIC Insight, continue to be released and uploaded to all of the major podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Episodes are hosted by members of the ITIC team, exploring a key topic with external guests or hosting an interview with a board member or insurance broker.

You can find all episodes here: https://www.itic-insure.com/knowledge/podcasts/

This edition of the Claims Review provides a selection of marine cases recently handled by ITIC. We hope that these case histories will be of interest to you and will also help you to identify potential problems in order to avoid these types of situations occurring in your businesses.

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