Putting pressure on for payment

Due to local port requirements a ship was required to be escorted through restricted waters into and out of a port by a tug. The owner asked the ship agent to arrange for the tug on their behalf and to invoice them directly. The ship entered the port in early August and sailed three days later. The ship agent sent the full invoice a week later for the outstanding balance of USD 30,502. The agent sent many reminders to the owner, but did not receive a reply and was struggling to obtain payment.

The ship agent asked ITIC to assist;  ITIC contacted the owner on behalf of the agent. ITIC tracked the ship and threatened arrest, and soon received confirmation from the owner that the payment would be made in full. Subsequently, the ship agent was reimbursed the full amount.  Sometimes ITIC needs to arrest ships to obtain repayment for members, but often contact from ITIC and possibly the threat of arrest is sufficient.

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