Potentially poor sleep

A naval architect was engaged to make modifications to a ship. The modifications included an additional 67 person accommodation unit.

The naval architect designed the modifications and these were implemented. During sea trials Class noted that the noise and vibration levels were at unsatisfactory levels. The cause of the issues, following an investigation by a third party surveyor, was that the naval architect had negligently failed to take into account that the new accommodation block was directly over the engine space when they had calculated the damping and insulation required.

In order to rectify the problem the original designs had to be revised and then work undertaken to put the new modifications in place. The modifications included increasing the thickness of the floors and walls, keeping the edges of the floor and the walls away from the steel structure and insulating the engine room and windows.

Following this work the ship was re-tested by Class and found to be satisfactory. The owner’s claim against the naval architect consisted of the costs to rectify the issues plus the loss of income suffered due to the delay in delivery.

After negotiation the claim was settled by ITIC for US$ 440,000.

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