Pass it ALL on

Shipbrokers arranged a sub-charter. As is usual the main terms of the sub-charter were fixed with the details “otherwise as per as the head charterparty”.

The head charter had been sent to the broker together with a separate addendum. Unfortunately, while the broker passed the charterparty to the sub-charterers they failed to forward the addendum. The fixture was concluded but without the sub-charterer being aware of the addendum.

The addendum contained provisions in relation to the costs of hold cleaning in the event that the vessel carried cement. This cargo had originally been excluded under the head charterparty but had subsequently been permitted on the terms agreed in the addendum. The addendum provided that the sum of USD 7,500 could be paid by the charterer in lieu of hold cleaning. The carriage of cement under the sublet had been agreed in the main terms but the terms relating to the costs of hold cleaning had not been passed to the sub-charterer.

The charterer was left with an obligation to pay the head owner for hold cleaning but was unable to reclaim the money from the sub–charterer. The broker had to reimburse the USD 7,500 which was paid by ITIC.

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