A number of governments are increasingly involving the private sector in their research and development. A ship manager contracted with the owner of an experimental hull platform to manage, operate and maintain it for a navy.

One of the manager’s duties entailed the changing and analysis of the main engine lube oil. Over a period of only two years, it was necessary to change the lube oil 27 times. On each occasion, an independent testing company found a high debris content and fuel oil, from which it appeared that the lube oil was not acting adequately as a lubricant. Despite these results, the ship manager failed properly to investigate the cause of the persistent problem and eventually the ship suffered engine failure.

A report concluded that the lube oil had been providing inadequate lubrication, and that a prudent and competent superintendent should have conducted further investigations. The owner presented a claim for £800,000, which included many consequential damages and losses. As the manager was obviously at fault, the claim was contested on quantum, rather than liability, and the owner’s claim was eventually settled for £590,000.

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