Lost bill

Prior to vessel’s arrival the Master contacted the PIC and informed him that the original bill of lading was to be presented on board before the vessel would discharge the nominated cargo. A search of the agent’s office for the missing document was unsuccessful.

The vessel successfully berthed and discharged another parcel, also under the same agency. However due to the missing bill of lading the vessel was not able to discharge the cargo of MTBE and was instructed by the terminal to depart the berth.

After provision of a suitable LOI the vessel successfully re-berthed and discharged the parcel of MTBE.

Owners presented a claim on the charterers for demurrage, shifting and towage expenses associated with the second berthing. This claim was in turn passed to the agent as all the costs incurred were due to the loss of the bill of lading. ITIC reimbursed the agent, less the policy deductible.

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