Interview with Matthew Offers

Interview with Matthew Offers

Matthew Offers, sits down to chat with the Claims Review editor, as part of this regular interview series in which we get to know ITIC’s claims handlers. 

How long have you worked at ITIC?

12.5 years

How do you balance claims handling with your other roles and responsibilities?

It isn’t always easy as claims often require more time and involvement due to the need to review previous correspondence, current correspondence and draft a response.

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to claims?

Trying to manage the member’s commercial relationship with the claimant who very often is a client that they wish to maintain a long term relationship with – especially when the member does not appear to have done anything wrong.

What is the most memorable claim you have handled?

One I do remember is from my first year at ITIC which involved a reefer cargo of tulips which required specific changes in temperature during the voyage to ensure they were in good condition on arrival. Once I fully understood the process, which at the time seemed very involved, I was just amazed at how a seemingly innocuous error of judgement could cause such a large loss.

What is your favourite part of dealing with claims?

People like to find somebody who can help when they are in trouble, to hopefully sort things out for them. It is great when we can do this.

Any life ambitions or future goals still to achieve?

I’d like to set aside some time for travel in areas that I have not managed to get to yet, like the Far East and Australia/NZ.

What is your favourite saying?

Common sense is not that common.

What are your hobbies and favourite pastimes?

I play golf badly but I am at a stage in life when more physical activities are not advisable.

What is your favourite food?

A cold beer and a lamb vindaloo every time, much to my daughter’s annoyance.

What is your favourite film?

Probably one of the usual suspects like the Godfather or All the President’s Men, but more recently I did think that the new Top Gun film was well worth a watch on a Friday night.

What is the last book you read or music you downloaded?

I’ve just finished Robert Galbraith’s The Ink Black Heart which involved the murder of an online creative type and the strange world inhabited by online trolls, it is very good but at nearly a thousand pages be prepared to set aside some time.

Any pet hates?

Far too numerous to list here as any of my colleagues/family will confirm!

If you weren’t working at ITIC, what would you be doing?

I would presume I had won the lottery and be sat by my own pool.

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