Incompatible cargoes

A commercial manager fixed a ship to load two parcels of chemicals. Unfortunately, after the fixture had been confirmed, it was discovered that two cargoes which could not be stowed next to one another had been booked. Although the commercial manager had checked in the relevant guidelines, which clearly stated that caustic soda and acrylonitrile could not be stowed adjacently, he inadvertently confirmed the opposite.

The acrylonitrile was loaded at the first port with the error only being discovered a few hours before the ship was due to arrive at the second port to load the caustic soda. As a result of the error, the ship had to proceed to the discharge port without the caustic soda. Efforts were made to book another cargo to mitigate the loss, but no additional cargo could be found. The owners also had to cover their commitment to move the caustic soda and the commercial manager had to fix a further ship for this cargo.

The claim from the owners comprised the deadfreight claim on the first ship and the expenses incurred for having to fix a second ship to load the caustic soda. The total of these losses was USD 212,585. This was paid by ITIC, less the commercial manager’s deductible.

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