Erroneous delivery of container

During Thanksgiving week cargo receivers in the US telephoned an agent's office daily on numerous occasions requesting a release date for two containers of furniture for which they were the notify party.  The cargo receivers informed the agent that they would shortly receive faxed confirmation from the shipper that the containers could be  released without the original bills of lading.  On the evening of Thanksgiving Day, the line's Danish agent sent a fax to the agent authorising release of one of the containers.

The following day the bill of lading clerk in the agent's office authorised release of both containers.  It was not until the Danish agent telephoned in connection with an account for demurrage on the second container that the error was realised.  The agent subsequently telephoned the cargo receivers to enquire when payment might be expected.  After initially giving promises of payment the cargo receivers subsequently ceased to trade.

The container in question contained furniture valued at approximately USD 60,000.  The Club reimbursed the Member for the payment which he had been obliged to make to the Danish shipper.

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