Always get instructions in writing

Always get instructions in writing

A marine surveyor was requested to carry out an “On Hire Bunker” survey. Upon the surveyor’s arrival at the ship, the Master verbally informed the surveyor that tank number 3 starboard and tank number 3 centre were outside of the chartering agreement and therefore should not be inspected.

The surveyor took the Master’s word without checking with the instructing party and did not include the tanks in the survey.

It became apparent that the Master’s advice was incorrect and the surveyor’s client made a claim against the surveyor in the amount of US$ 38,000 due to losses they suffered as a result of the incomplete survey.

The claim was finally settled by ITIC at US$ 35,000.

This demonstrates that when performing a service you should not always listen to third parties’ advices. You must always check with your instructing party. If there is a dispute, this should be resolved by the instructing party.

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