Welcome to this ship management edition of The Wire

Welcome to this ship management edition of The Wire. We have curated a selection of Ship Management International columns, which have been published during the last year. You can read these columns in the original magazine format here: https://shipmanagementinternational.com/

ITIC has provided insurance to ship managers for over 30 years and currently insures over 300 companies offering ship management services globally. As such, the team at ITIC has a deep understanding of both the risks faced by ship managers and the delicate balance of the commercial relationship with their clients. 

ITIC has hosted two webinars for ship managers, with the recordings available on the website. The webinar entitled “protecting the ship manager” was hosted in association with InterManager and focused on current claims trends and loss prevention information. The “cyber collider” was a virtual panel debate discussing cyber risk management for ship managers. The panel included Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner of Ince, Robert Dorey, Group CEO of Astaara and Capt Ajay Hazari, Chief Risk Officer of Anglo Eastern. 

There are also a number of podcast episodes which focus on ship management, including an episode on IMO 2021, the Inventory of Hazardous Materials and joint and several liability. All of the podcast episodes are available on all major podcasting platforms (including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify), just search for “ITIC Insight.” These are also available via ITIC’s website.

We hope you will find these webinar recordings, podcasts and articles of interest.  

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