Virtual robbery: cyber security for the air charter industry, hosted in association with The Air Charter Association

Cybercrime unfortunately continues to be a hot topic, with businesses and individuals at risk of becoming potential targets of digital fraud. Any business or individual using electronic communication can be the subject of an attack by hackers. The wealth of information that is readily available on the web about aircraft operators also means that it is easy for those with just a basic knowledge of the air charter industry to create a fake website offering an aircraft for charter.

During this webinar, speakers Melanie Daglish, ITIC’s senior aviation underwriter, and Kevin Ducksbury, Chairman of The Air Charter Association, provide their insight on the types of cyber security issues faced by the air charter industry and to how to avoid or minimise such liabilities. 

Topics covered include:

- Defining phishing, CEO fraud and spoofing

- How fraudulent payment diversions are achieved / how the attacks are structured

- Identifying fake websites

- How to protect yourself against potential cyber attacks

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