Ten Golden Rules for the delivery of cargo

A recent analysis of claims has revealed that delivery of cargo without bills of lading remains the largest single cause of claims against both liner and port agents.  The Club's brief guidelines are set out below followed by examples of common errors:


1.  the original bill of lading;
2.  the correct bill of lading;


3.  a letter of indemnity, in which case:-

Delivery against an indemnity

4.  has your principal given written authority  to release and agreed the wording and security?
5.  has the cargo owner authorised release in writing?
6.  is it counter-signed by a first class bank?
7.  is it addressed to both you and your principal?
8.  does it contain adequate financial and time limits?
9.  do the goods itemised correspond  exactly to those in the delivery order?
10.  is it an original document?  NOT A FAX OR A PHOTOCOPY.

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