Sponsorship: FONASBA launches the Young Ship Agent or Shipbroker Award for 2023

Sponsorship: FONASBA launches the Young Ship Agent or Shipbroker Award for 2023

The FONASBA Young Ship Agent or Ship Broker of the Year Award (YABA) 2023 is now open, which ITIC is proud to sponsor. 

Since 2022, the Award has been open to anyone working in the ship agency or shipbroking sector under the age of 40 at the time of submission of their completed paper to the Review Committee, latest 28th July 2023. Entries are therefore welcome from eligible individuals outside the FONASBA community. 

Full details of the criteria for 2023 Award can be found below:


The aim of the Award is to develop professionalism among young people in ship agency and shipbroking and to encourage them to be actively engaged in the industry. A further objective of the Award is to enhance FONASBA’s academic resources.


The author shall be 40 years of age or under at the time of submission of the paper to the  Review Committee. Entries are welcome from eligible individuals employed by a  company that is a member of a FONASBA Full or Candidate Member association or by an  Associate or Club Member; and from external authors who are employed elsewhere. At  its absolute discretion, FONASBA may limit the number of entries received from external authors.


The paper should present a comprehensive analysis of the role of the ship agent or  shipbroker in a specific field or market sector. Candidates may wish to write on a specific shipping market (for example dry bulk, tanker, liner, passenger or offshore shipping or  sale and purchase), another sector of the international maritime industry such a ship  management or alternatively on a broader topic such as “New business opportunities in  a changing shipping world” or “The profession of the ship agent (and or) ship broker in  2025”. It should be written in such a way as to be understood by both professionals in the  field as well as general (non-maritime) readers. To avoid duplication of subjects covered,  and to ensure consistently high standards, the subject of the paper will be agreed between the author and the Review Committee prior to work starting. The author will therefore  be invited to submit the title and a summary of between 350 and 500 words outlining the scope and contents of the work to the Committee for review and comment. The  Committee may suggest such changes to the proposal as it feels appropriate to ensure the  finished work meets the required standards.

The work itself shall comprise a formal written paper (illustrated if appropriate) to a minimum of 5,000, maximum 10,000 words, excluding the title, indices, footnotes and  bibliography. The paper will be written in English and submitted in 12-point font. The  paper shall be an original work and shall not have been published in print or electronic  media prior to being submitted for the Award.


Copyright of the paper remains with the author but in entering for the Award, the author agrees that the work will be made available to the membership and the public via the  FONASBA website.


All aspects of the review process and selection of the winner of the Young Ship  Agent/Shipbroker of the Year Award will be undertaken by a Review Committee comprised of the following:

  • A senior member of FONASBA as Chair, nominated by the Executive Committee
  • The Vice President for Education
  • Up to two further individuals nominated by the Executive Committee

The Review Committee will be supported by the FONASBA Secretariat which will  administer all aspects of the Award scheme, including all communication with the  authors.


Subject to receiving a minimum of five formal entries, the Review Committee will  consider all papers received by the closing date shown below and select the best entry. If  less than five formal entries are received, the Award will be postponed, and those papers  already received will be carried over to the following year. The winner will receive three prizes courtesy of FONASBA and its Club Members ITIC and BIMCO. The first two are cash  awards of €500.00 from FONASBA and ITIC and the third is complimentary access to an  e-Learning module of their choice from the range of courses offered by BIMCO. A certificate will also be awarded to the winner. The certificate and prizes will be sent by  FONASBA for presentation locally. News of the award will be publicised in the maritime  media and via the FONASBA website.


  • The name, age, email address and company contact details of the author, together with the title and a short (350 – 500 word) summary of the scope and contents of the paper to be submitted to the Review Committee via the FONASBA Secretariat (admin@fonasba.com) by 14th April 2023.
  • Review Committee to reply to the author, accepting the proposed paper, or suggesting amendments, by 28th April 2023.
  • Completed papers to be returned to the Review Committee, via the FONASBA Secretariat, by 28th July 2023.
  • The Review Committee will select and announce the winner by 25th August 2023.

Full FONASBA Young Agent and Broker Award criteria

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