ITIC circular: Clarkson PLC cyber security incident

ITIC would like to bring all members’ attention to today’s announcement from Clarkson PLC that it was subject to a cyber security incident, which involved unauthorised access to the company’s computer systems. In light of this, we would like to share the following advice:

  1. You should be aware that these types of incidents are often not only targeted at the company, in this case Clarkson PLC, but also potentially at anyone who tries to access any information / data, should it be published. For example, those who attempt to open any data arising from the incident may expose their IT systems to viruses, malware, or cyber attack.
  2. As well as posing a significant risk to those who attempt to use such data, we would like to highlight that accessing, copying and distributing this data is highly inappropriate and potentially unlawful. It is very likely this activity is also being monitored. We therefore strongly recommend that members do not under any circumstances open or attempt to open, copy or distribute any exposed data for fear of compromise to your own systems.
  3. Following this most recent incident, and other well publicised recent cyber attacks, it appears that transportation and shipping are areas of specific focus for cyber criminals. Accordingly, we advise members to closely review their cyber security protocols and procedures immediately.

Stuart Munro
International Transport Intermediaries Management Co Ltd.
Managers of International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd. 


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