Article: 11/04/13 - A review of ITIC's Board meeting in Tokyo, Japan, 21st March 2013

The Board of ITIC meets three times a year, in March, July and September. The meeting in July is always held in London as the main item is the signing off of the accounts as the financial year of ITIC ends on 31 May. Of the other two meetings, one is held in Europe and the other outside Europe.

On 21 March 2013, the Board met in Tokyo. This was the Board’s first meeting in Japan, although most of the Directors had been there on business many times previously. In addition to the Board Meeting, a loss prevention seminar was arranged for ITIC’s local members, held at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, in Shinbashi, with views over the Imperial Palace. While ITIC does not have a large Japanese membership, over 40 guests attended, most of whom were ITIC’s ship agent and shipbroker members. Moto Sugiura from the UK Club’s branch office in Tokyo welcomed guests, and Tom Irving gave a brief introduction – in Japanese - on the Club, and discussed our “Debt Collection” service offered to agents and brokers. He was followed by Andrew Jamieson, the Claims Director, who discussed the most common claims faced by ship agents and shipbrokers, and gave practical advice as to what can be done to minimise these risks.

Following the seminar, ITIC hosted a cocktail reception - also at the FCCJ - which the Directors also attended. This gave the members the opportunity to speak with the Managers and Directors. The guests were also able to sample a selection of single malt Scotch whisky, supplied by Berry Bros. & Rudd, which proved to be very popular not only with the guests but also with the Board and the Managers. We had five whiskies available for tasting, and guests were given ITIC-branded whisky tumblers, imported all the way from Glasgow, as gifts. No scotch was left after the tasting!

The hosting of Board meetings around the world and the use of seminars and local cocktail receptions highlights that ITIC is an international business with members in over 100 countries.

We are, of course, supported by local correspondents and our thanks go to Masaki Oiwa and his colleagues at ISS P&I Japan who assisted with the arrangements which included the organisation of the informal and formal dinners in Tokyo for the Board, their partners and the Managers, the success of which always contributes to the smooth running of all the various meetings.

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