Transport services professionals:
generalist or specialist, mainstream or niche…

Covered for every eventuality

ITIC understands the risks that professionals face in supplying services to every sector in the world of transport.

From project-based to on-going involvement, you need to make sure that you are covered for every eventuality.

ITIC supports a wide range of businesses, from the sole trader consultancy to major organisations. 

ITIC helps you prepare

Professionals can often be dragged into cases where the error has arisen from elsewhere.

The key driver for clients will always be cash- transport of any description entails big investments.

If your client becomes exposed to problems, you will too.

ITIC helps you prepare.

Other Specialists

ITIC formulates the cover to address the risks you face. Your services are always critical, regardless of your speciality.

Should your particular branch of the transport services professions not be listed here, please contact ITIC. Our team will work with you to contextualise your risks and finalise your cover.

Then you will be prepared.

Everyone makes mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes...

Is your business ready for the ‘worst case’ scenario?  

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