Marine consultants

Due to the nature of the very specific service offered by professional marine consultants, it always has to be undertaken with the highest degree of accuracy, offering clients complete confidence.

A 1% slippage in the service could also result in 100% deterioration in client business, professional standing, and ability to continue trading.

Vast though the oceans of the world may be, the world of the marine consultant has a tendency to be very small where poor reputation is concerned. The opposite is also true; resolving problems as they arise, to the satisfaction of an otherwise disgruntled customer, serves to enhance perceptions of your professional approach.

The problems you may encounter would include:

  • Inaccurate description
    Wrongly described vessel, or cargo, condition, specification or quantity of cargo.
  • Misdirected reporting
    Sending a report/advice to the wrong email address.
  • Stowage errors
    Incorrect advice on the lashing/securing of general and/or project cargo.
  • Data errors
    Providing incorrect data resulting in a financial loss to a third party.

ITIC Professional indemnity insurance enables marine consultants to minimise the impact of any claims, making sure that human error never results in professional disaster.


Fact Sheet

ITIC’s specialist knowledge of your business will make it quicker and easier for you to obtain advice and support on a claim under your professional indemnity insurance.

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