Seguro de Transporte de Fondos

ITIC ofrece un paquete de seguro único a todos sus asociados. El seguro combinado de efectivo en tránsito y de dinero en caja ofrece a nuestros asociados la conveniencia de una sola póliza a una prima competitiva.

Para solicitar cotización, por favor rellene el seguro de Efectivo en Tránsito:

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Seguro de Ingresos por Comisiones

La cobertura de ITIC por pérdida de comisiones está diseñada para satisfacer las necesidades de los corredores de fletamentos, y se ofrece como un suplemento a los seguros de responsabilidad que los asociados tengan en vigor. Hay dos niveles de cobertura, pérdida total constructiva únicamente, y cobertura completa que asegura un campo amplio de riesgos marítimos.

Para solicitar cotización, por favor rellenen el cuestionario Commission Insurance.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Press stories of attacks by hackers are increasingly common but the reported victims are often well-known companies that hold large amounts of credit card and other sensitive personal data. ITIC has therefore developed an extension to its existing cover. The policy will protect against liabilities arising from unauthorised use of your computer network. To request a quote, please fill out a cyber liability proposal form:

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Cyber Liability fact sheet

Cyber Liability Insurance - draft indication

Debt collection insurance

This insurance covers the legal costs of pursuing outstanding commission for ship brokers, disbursement accounts for ship agents, fees for marine surveyors and other debts. We understand that tact is vital to preserve commercial relationships and often a polite reminder is all that is needed to secure payment. However, if proceedings are unavoidable, ITIC will use whatever legal means necessary to try to recover the monies owed to you.

 Debt collection insurance fact sheet

Seguro de Administradores & Directivos

El seguro D&O protege las empresas y sus directivos, administradores y gerentes contra reclamaciones consecuencia de sus decisiones y acciones tomadas mientras dirigen su negocio.

Para solicitar cotización, por favor rellene el cuestionario de propuesta de Administradores y Directores.

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Directors' and Officers' Insurance - The Claims Experience

Directors' and Officers' Insurance - Draft Endorsement Indication

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Everyone makes mistakes...

Is your business ready for the ‘worst case’ scenario?  

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ITIC’s comprehensive professional indemnity insurance includes cover for losses caused by errors or omissions, fraud, breach of intellectual property rights and other related risks.

Positive planning and risk reduction

Any party offering professional services to transport operators in the marine, aviation and rail industries – whether providing advice, information, designs, consultancy, or similar services – owes a duty of care to its customers.

Even if your business uses subcontractors, you are liable for the work they produce.

Sometimes the slightest slip can rebound with unimaginable consequences. Ensuring proven and reliable professional indemnity cover is in place for your business is about making sure you have professionals and robust resources on your side for whenever they might be needed.

ITIC is your contingency plan for if things go wrong. We provide cover, support, expert advice, and on-the-ground help you can depend on for a positive result.

Professional indemnity insurance explained

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for claims brought against you for losses suffered by your customers as a result of your negligence or error and omission. 

These claims can extend to subcontracted services for which you were the agent, representative or lead contractor.

ITIC additional insurance policies 

As a mutual insurer, serving the needs of more than 2,000 members, ITIC offers a range of additional specialist products for those who provide professional services to the transport industry, particularly marine, aviation and rail customers. 

In addition to ITIC’s professional indemnity cover, and legal costs cover, you can purchase insurance for debt collection, directors’ and officers’ (D & O) insurance, and policies for loss of commission, loss of management fee, cash in transit and money insurance.

Loss prevention and legal advice

ITIC works as a partner for your insurance and risk management needs, providing expert insight and advice to take the worries off your shoulders.

ITIC provides expert advice on loss prevention and legal issues, together with local help and support from a worldwide network of correspondents.

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