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ITIC helps to keep your business moving

Be prepared

Problems occur in the natural course of any business. The possibility of some sort of slip-up always exists among the many complexities of servicing marine or aviation customers. 

Errors, omissions, or negligence can arise at any time regardless of your standards, procedures, and controls.

ITIC enables you to be prepared for any eventuality. We provide professional indemnity insurance, without restrictions, globally. 

Be confident

Customers expect you to react fast. They often demand that you compensate them for any loss incurred. To protect the reputation of your business you’ll want to demonstrate commitment and responsibility, helping your customers to sort things out fast (without admitting liability).

ITIC fully understands the importance of solid and sustainable business relationships. Mutual trust between you and your customers comes from your ability to provide great service. 

We help you provide precisely that, by settling claims as quickly as possible, ensuring a seamless transition through the problem and onto the next opportunity.

Be covered by ITIC - A Mutual Insurer backed by at least a - rated security

ITIC provides professional indemnity policies at cost, both directly and via brokers, designed around the specific requirements of those who serve transport customers. 

ITIC is a mutual insurer, with over 3,100 members and no external shareholders – ITIC’s surplus funds have been paid out to ITIC’s members in the form of continuity credit for the last 20 years.

ITIC is managed by Thomas Miller.

3490 Members:

ITIC offers a unique professional indemnity policy to a wide range of companies in the transport industry. 

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