A surveyor in Canada was contracted to provide a load and stow survey for a barge of steel.

A ferry operating in North America was due to be towed to a shipyard to undergo a refit. A marine surveyor was engaged by the shipyard to undertake a “fit for tow” survey and provide a certificate of approval confirming that the towage arrangements as between the tug and the ferry were satisfactory. The marine surveyor completed his survey and issued the certificate of approval.

Shippers of a cargo of wheat instructed a marine surveyor to survey and certify the holds of a bulk carrier as fit for loading.

A marine chemist carried out routine testing of a cargo of methanol when a vessel docked for discharge.

Marine surveyors based in the Far East were instructed by the insurers of a cargo of HRSG harps (which are metal tube modules used in power generation) to conduct a pre-shipment inspection and to advise on loading and stowage....

A firm of surveyors was appointed by an insurance company to investigate the cause of a fire at a factory in America. The cause of the fire was alleged to be a faulty forklift truck. Following a joint inspection

In many trade contracts, where the specification of the product is important, buyers and sellers will often agree that the quality will be determined by an independent expert and that the expert's findings shall be "final...

A US bank instructed a marine surveying company to provide a valuation of a client’s vessel to assess its suitability to be used as collateral for a loan. The bank was to be provided with a preferred ship mortgage by their...

A large construction firm was undertaking building works on an island. In order to construct part of the project, a large crane was needed to be shipped by barge from the mainland. The construction company asked ITIC’s member,...

A P&I club asked a marine surveyor to carry out a condition survey on a ship. The surveyor noted several deficiencies and, as a result, the P&I club requested the surveyor to conduct a follow-up survey. Although the...

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