Beware of fraud

More and more cases of fraud are being reported to ITIC.

Fraudsters use brokers, agents and ship managers as a vehicle for crime. The result leaves them exposed to a liability as a result of somebody else’s dishonesty.

Acts of fraud can be varied, and ITIC’s experience has shown that fraudsters will often seek to “respectabilise” themselves by associating their actions with reputable companies. It is therefore important that brokers, agents and managers are aware of the ways in which the broking chain, and parties who assist operators in the day to day running of a ship, can be manipulated to assist in fraudulent transactions.

Whilst we appreciate that a large number of payments are processed by brokers and agents, changes to payee bank account details should always be treated with suspicion. There are very few legitimate changes to account details. Checks should be made with a separate confirmation of the change with the payee, preferably by telephone. The advice is to take separate steps to verify the instructions.
Don’t use the email reply button!

It is also important to have robust IT systems to minimise the opportunity for your emails and accounts to be hacked.

ITIC will be issuing further information on fraud in a Wire publication.

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