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The wire: focus on naval architecture 

Welcome to this special edition of The Wire, which focuses on naval architecture. ITIC hosted an interactive and lively naval architect panel discussion in London on 15th November.  The title was “the future of ship and yacht design”...

A Canadian naval architect contracted to provide design advice for the modification to a refrigeration system in the refrigeration-compressor room of a fishing vessel.

A naval architect entered into a contract with a shipyard to design the structure and access arrangements for new lifeboats and their davits to be fitted to a specific vessel.

A naval architect was approached by a research and development company who had produced a prototype “wave power generator” (WPG), a floating device used to convert ocean wave energy into electricity using air pressure created by waves. The naval architect was engaged to provide the necessary design and stability approval for the prototype, as required by local regulations.

ITIC is increasingly asked to comment on confidentiality agreements, sometimes known as nondisclosure agreements....

STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR NAVAL ARCHITECTSIMPORTANT NOTICE These terms and conditions are published for the general interest of members of ITIC. T

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