Life during lockdown - an interview with Kevin Sandom

Life during lockdown – the UK is currently under lockdown due to COVID-19. In this interview Kevin Sandom outlines how is coping during this time…

How are you finding working from home during this period of lockdown?
I know how lucky we are to have the technology in place to carry on working and from a personal level to be here for the family (especially as my wife works for the NHS). Also as I’m a Mental Health First Aider I appreciate that there may be a lot of people suffering from anxiety and stress  at this distressing time. I have friends who have recently lost loved ones to COVID-19, so it’s so important to be there for each other, albeit within the rules of social distancing!

Do you have a daily routine?
Yes the usual stuff really. My working day is very similar to that when I was in the office, I think it’s important to do keep to the daily rituals (apart from commuting that is) and to have regular breaks. Also try to make sure that work/home life is separated (as much as you can).

Who are you in isolation with?
My wife and youngest son (who is busy with his school work). My two elder children have their own places, but we are in almost daily contact via phone or video chat.

What have you been watching?
Anything really. A little escapism from this situation helps and we try to watch a film as family regularly but we do like some comedy stuff to lighten the mood.

Have you been reading anything?
Sadly I’m not a big reader apart from reading the usual news/sports sites online. I do however  listen to a number of podcasts, one of my favourites being Athletico Mince, which is English football related; I would highly recommend it.

What is the last music you downloaded or listened to?
I could be here all day on this. My taste is very wide and varied but lately it’s been My Morning Jacket, Margo Price, Prince, Idles, Go Betweens and Talk Talk to name a few but what I listen to depends on my mood at that time and that day…..

Have you developed any news skills during lockdown?
Being patient with those you are locked up with!

What is your favourite room in the house?
The kitchen/diner/family room as it has bi folding doors opening up into the garden and one of the things when not listening to music is actually listening to the birds, which seem to be louder and more prevalent at this time.

What are you doing for your daily exercise?
I dusted down my old bicycle and have been going out most days which  I am really enjoying it. Certainly the lack of traffic on the roads makes it more enjoyable and safer. 

I couldn’t get through lockdown without?
Mine and the families sense of humour.

What do you miss the most?
Brokers of course! Seriously all of us in ITIC are still here to help. Whilst the working from home does not bother me too much, I do miss the personal contact with people like, family, friends, brokers and members alike.

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