Expert scope

‘Consultancy’ is effectively a broad professional category.

The specialist consultant supporting the transport industry is often expected to find new solutions for new problems and to anticipate potential situations for their clients so that clients may avoid problems.

ITIC helps mitigate professional risks

The scope of responsibilities can be vast. This means that the scope of possible problems can also be vast.

Claims can often be brought against consultants even when the liability is not theirs and the work they provided was faultless.

When your clients are presented with problems that cost money, or threaten their business or their own professional standing, they will pursue compensation at every possible point.

ITIC’s scope of involvement with professional transport consultants is extensive.

ITIC has experienced many of the situations you may encounter; solved many of the problems you may face, and foreseen many of the risks you may, as yet, be unaware of.

ITIC professional indemnity insurance meets the specialist needs of your specialist profession.

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