Circular explaining amendments to Standard Ship and Crew Management Endorsement.

Our Ref: 0208 December 2008 To: Ship manager members of ITIC and their insurance brokers Ship managers need to be cautious when signing purchase orders. In the current shipping market, ITIC is witnessing an increase in the...

Our ref: 0108 15 November 2008 To: Ship management members of ITIC in Italy, Monaco and Switzerland and their brokers Limitation of liability in a ship management contract subject to Italian law and jurisdiction Under...

Our Ref:  98/04 February 1999  To: Ship Manager Members and their Brokers: Year 2000 clauses for ship management contracts Ship Managers are being asked to take over the management of ships without sufficient time...

Our Ref: 97/05 April, 1998 To: Ship managers and their insurance brokers The International Safety Management Code (ISM) is a mandatory provision under the terms of the SOLAS Convention 1974. The Code is concerned with the...

Our Ref. 96/05 February 1997 To: Ship and crew management Members. We attach a copy of the recent BIMCO Special Circular with the proposed changes to the insurance clauses in the "Shipman" and "Crewman"...

1.It is understood and agreed that this insurance covers the management of those ships declared by the Member.  Any additional ships managed by the Member must also be declared to the The management contracts of these...

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