The rail sector

The rail sector, globally and across the UK, in its many specialist sub-sectors, frequently relies upon the services of ITIC for professional indemnity insurance.

ITIC's services are aligned to the very specific requirements of rail professionals including consultants, designers, surveyors, expert witnesses and other specialist providers.

It can occasionally be the case that a provider of such services believes that his or her area is too little known (niche) or not represented by sufficient numbers of practitioners for there to be applicable professional indemnity insurance policies.

We cover consultants who work in:

  • track & infrastructure
  • environmental testing
  • project management
  • rail safety & training
  • topographic & geophysical surveys
  • track layout & gauging surveys

This list is not exhaustive and there are numerous other job roles which we would insure. Please contact Matthew Offers the Senior Account Executive responsible for the rail sector, for further information.

Solutions negate problems

A firm of surveyors specialising in mapping and surveying railway infrastructure had a sustained period of staff illness during a popular holiday period. This left the firm short of surveyors experienced in the use of specialist survey equipment.

An important contract was close to completion and a team of less experienced surveyors was given the task of completing the survey. Subsequently the contractor reviewed the data provided, and alleged that it was inaccurate and unusable. The contractor threatened to instruct solicitors to pursue a damages claim. Together with ITIC, the firm of surveyors agreed to appoint an independent consultant to analyse the data and report on its value. This process showed that the survey data was accurate. This encouraged the contractor to drop the claim.

Making it right if it’s wrong

A railway design engineer designed a new form of switch lever for a major manufacturer of rail components. The design was tested and certified. The new switch entered production and was installed in a new rail system. Subsequent operational failures were encountered when used in extreme temperatures. The contractor who had installed the new switch system appointed solicitors to seek compensation from the design engineer, alleging negligent design. Legal proceedings commenced.

Together with ITIC, the design engineer located an independent party who could analyse the design process, subsequent manufacture and installation. This expert testimony was critical in establishing that the operational failures were caused by improper installation, not negligent design. The cost of the investigation and defence were covered in full by ITIC.

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