Railway surveyors

The industry depends on the total accuracy and reliability of surveys, in a number of areas, on which installation and construction can safely be based. The types of surveys include, but are not limited to:

  • topographic & geophysical
  • track layout & gauging
  • bridges & structures

ITIC experience has shown that claims can be brought against professionals even when their work has been faultless; claimants’ representatives explore every possibility of recuperating loses or apportioning blame.

Here is one such example...

Mapping survey data

A firm of surveyors which specialised in mapping and surveying railway infrastructure experienced a sustained period of staff illness coinciding with a busy holiday period.

This left them short of surveyors experienced in the use of specialist survey equipment.
An important contract was close to completion and a team of less experienced surveyors were given the task of completing the survey.

Subsequently the contractors reviewed the data they received and alleged that it was inaccurate and unusable. They threatened to instruct solicitors to pursue a damages claim. Together with ITIC, the firm of surveyors agreed to appoint an independent consultant to analyse the data and report on its value.

The result of this analysis showed that the survey data was accurate. This encouraged the contractor to drop the claim.


Fact Sheet

Any rail professional will face day-to-day exposure to risk, but will be able to rely on ITIC to help reduce any potential hazards

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