Cyber security wire - introduction

  • Date: 17/06/2019

Cybercrime unfortunately continues to be a hot topic, with businesses and individuals at risk of becoming potential targets of digital fraud. Any business or individual using electronic communication can be the subject of an attack by hackers. ITIC has issued a number of circulars to warn members and to ensure that they implement robust systems and controls to ensure that they minimise any exposure. However, we are still seeing this type of fraud being regularly committed, particularly where communications are intercepted and bank details changed, whilst the original sender remains unaware. 

The result leaves you exposed to a liability as a result of somebody else’s dishonesty.  Acts of fraud can be varied, and ITIC’s experience has shown that fraudsters will often seek to make themselves respectable by associating their actions with reputable companies. 

In this special edition of The Wire ITIC outlines some practical tips and checks that you can implement, to ensure that your IT systems and processes are as robust as possible. These suggestions are being shared purely to raise awareness and are not intended to constitute professional IT advice. ITIC is not able to comment on IT security products, individual systems, cyber risk self-assessments or any other element of cyber security. If you require further information, ITIC recommends that you contact an IT professional or cyber risk specialist. 

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