In 2007, an offshore consultant performed a site assessment for a jackup crane barge. The site was known to have some inherent difficulties for jack-up operations due to the underlying layer of soft clay which could potentially lead to a “punch-through” of the one of the jack-up’s legs.

A hydrographic surveyor was appointed to conduct a survey for a harbour authority. The surveyor made a mistake taking the readings as they had not allowed for the depth of the transducer on the survey vessel. A total of three data sets were taken, each containing the same error. This resulted in the readings showing half a metre too little and the harbour authority restricted access to the harbour for certain seagoing vessels.

A subsea engineering company was contracted by an oil major to design a series of subsea flowlines, carrying oil and gas products from the wellhead to the riser foot. The design factored in an intended life-span of 15 years....

A major survey company was contracted to survey the seabed for the routing of a power cable. This cable was used to connect to an offshore wind farm to the power grid via a substation ashore. Unfortunately, the routing was not...

This article is part of The Wire: Focus on Offshore and Hydrographics, released in March 2014.

This article is part of The Wire: Focus on Offshore and Hydrographics, released in March 2014.

A consultant was contracted to carry out a spudcan penetration analysis of the seabed prior to a mobile jack-up drill putting its legs down. The analysis was not carried out effectively. The consultant advised that the rig was...

A consultant was engaged to notify all interested parties along a route of a new telecommunications cable.  The consultant did this in accordance with its principal’s instructions.  However, whilst laying the cable, the...

A surveyor was contracted to carry out a debris clearance survey, including a bathymetric sounding. This report was carried out and issued, but unfortunately, the depths on the report were not correct.  The site was actually...

The Swedish Hydrographic Office produced a navigation chart with an incorrectly marked rock. A Russian tanker struck the rock and filed a claim against the organisation. The Swedish Supreme Court held that the Hydrographic Office...

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