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  • ITIC’s experience extends to every field of transport surveys, no matter how specialist it may be.
  • For surveyors in the aviation, marine, offshore and hydrographic, and railway industries, we offer the reassurance that we have frequently encountered the problems that you might come up against.
  • Our extensive coverage of the surveying profession also means that we are able to advise on potential problem scenarios and the proactive steps you should take to minimise risks and avoid problems before they ever arise.

Every problem has a cause

Surveyors perform a critical task in the lifecycle of any project. They provide data which their clients expect to be fully validated; setting the scene for the next stage of development such that clients will then undertake investment in the project based on trust in the professional service of the surveyor.

When projects fail, for whatever reason, a surveyor’s client might well be held liable and will endeavour to defray that liability. They will engage professionals whose sole objective is to apportion blame elsewhere.

Despite rigorous attention to detail, and stringent quality control procedures such that you know the fault is not yours, you could still be drawn into defending the claim.
It could be costly.

Surveyors all over the world, in every specialist sector of the transport industry, have found that ITIC professional indemnity insurance is the best way of making sure every eventuality is covered.

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