ITIC understands the often exacting demands of the rail sector, having provided services to its professional support industry for many years.

It can occasionally be the case that a provider of such services believes that his or her area is too little known (niche) or not represented by sufficient numbers of practitioners for there to be applicable professional indemnity insurance policies. 

Rest assured that ITIC can provide you with professional indemnity insurance whatever your specialist area may be. As examples, we cover consultants who work in:

  • track & infrastructure
  • environmental testing
  • project management
  • rail safety & training

Expect the unexpected - ITIC shapes the service to address the need

A health and safety consultant example...

A health and safety consultant delivered a training programme for staff working in the rail industry. He received a letter from lawyers claiming to act for the family of a railway engineer who had been killed in an accident at work. The lawyers alleged that the engineer’s life would not have been lost had the team of workers correctly implemented appropriate health and safety procedures they had received from the consultant.

A significant sum in damages was sought.

ITIC helped the consultant prepare a response. This involved a review of the training that took place and the emphasis placed on the actions of team members. ITIC also analysed the events leading to the accident and then drafted a detailed reply. No response was received and the claim and threat of litigation was eliminated.

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