In the last 20 years, ITIC has recovered more than USD 130,000,000 in unpaid commission, outstanding port disbursements, survey fees and other debts for Members. The insurance pays the legal costs of pursuing the debt. Tact is vital in order to preserve commercial relationships and often a polite reminder is all that is needed to secure payment. If proceedings are, however, necessary, ITIC’s specialist team will use whatever legal means necessary to try to recover the monies owed to you.

Getting more from ITIC is not all about insurance. ITIC also provides a wealth of loss prevention advice through the website, seminars and the ITIC publications of the Claims Review, Wire and Circulars. We also provide seminars to groups of Members, or in-house training to individual Members and insurance brokers. All this for no additional premium.

Almost all cargo transported throughout the world is carried according to some form of contractual conditions. Ship owners, freight forwarders and other carriers carry on their business knowing they are protected by the

A recent case in the Australian Federal Court (Marine & Civil Construction Company Pty Ltd v SGS Australia Pty Ltd) serves as a reminder of the importance in ensuring that surveyors and consultants clearly and promptly notify the party instructing them of any limitations as to the services that the surveyor or consultant is to provide, before the contract for the provision of services is concluded.

Joanna Steele Partner, Bentleys Stokes and Lowless | In this article, I take a look at some of the points which underlie good report writing, from the perspective...

A case recently reported by the Transport Intermediaries Club illustrates how a marine surveyor can be held liable for substantial damages even when properly performing his contractual duties. In its latest Claims Review,...

Sometimes the Club’s surveying members will be asked by the ship owner to sign indemnities, disclaimers, waivers or releases before they perform a job for their principal by the ship owner before the surveyor will be granted...

This article only deals with the type of surveyor who goes on board a ship which is loading or discharging cargo, and inspects the cargo operations on behalf of the seller or the buyer of the cargo. The difference between...

Marine professionals (surveyors, designers, naval architects etc) operating in any of the marine industries as independent contractors should endeavour to limit their exposure to claims by ensuring that their terms and conditions...

John Noble, chief executive of the Salvage Association, looks at the challenges facing the restyled organisation, and at why good surveyors need good support and advice from their liability insurers. THE Salvage...

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