Failure to obtain a receipt for equipment delivery

  • Date: 31/08/2010

A ship agency office in the Far East reported a case regarding their local office’s failure to obtain evidence of delivering a consignment of goods to a vessel.

The case involved a delivery of six portable gas detectors which were contained within a black plastic case that had been couriered to the agent’s office for delivery to the vessel. On checking the courier’s system, it was clear that the gas detectors had indeed been received by the agent (i.e. signed for). Internal investigation suggested that the agent had proceeded to deliver the units to the ship; however, owner’s alleged that they had not received them.

The owner advised that unless the ship agent could provide documentary evidence to show that the cases had indeed been delivered to the vessel, they would claim the replacement value from the ship agent. The agent confirmed that under their own operating procedure, they should have obtained the necessary acknowledgement from the vessel that the delivery had been made, however, due to an error the local agent failed to get a receipt or proof of delivery.

The replacement value was USD 170,487 which was reimbursed by ITIC.

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