A crew manager acted for an owner operating in Norwegian waters. The crew manager arranged for crew from the Philippines. The crew manager was required, on behalf of the owners, to report the presence of the crew in Norway.

The commercial manager of a tanker arranged a voyage charter. The fixture was recorded in a recap message and was based on the BP Voy 4 form of charterparty with a large number of amendments and additional clauses.

A ship manager was responsible for the technical management of a bulk carrier which called regularly at an Australian port to load iron ore.

A commercial manager fixed a ship that had been under his management for several years for a project voyage to Finland.

A pool manager misdescribed a tanker as being acceptable to a specific oil major, even though he had received an email from the head owners prior to fixing that stated she had been rejected by them. This email was overlooked by the pool manager when the tanker was fixed for a spot voyage to load ULSD (ultra low sulphur diesel).

Ship managers acted as managers of a vessel for a number of years until it was sold. When it was delivered in Northern Europe to the buyers, Class suspended the vessel’s approvals due the state of its ballast tanks.

A layup manager arranged the blanking of sea valves for a vessel going into cold layup.

An inspector of CARB - California Air Resources Board (the clean air agency of the state of California) – boarded a ship in July 2011 managed by an ITIC Member at the Los Angeles Terminal.

A ship was fixed on a charterparty form containing a time bar clause that provided that all claims, charges and expenses had to be submitted within 90 days of the completion of the discharge or otherwise would be deemed waived.

A commercial ship manager fixed a ship for a voyage of 4,000 metric tonnes of ammonium nitrate in big bags. This type of cargo had been carried by the commercial manager’s fleet on several occasions, but the cargo had always previously been described as being in loose/bulk condition.

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