Cargo Liability Insurance

A ship agent's or ship broker's liability is usually the result of his own negligence, whereas a freight forwarder, NVOC, warehouseman or haulier can incur a contractual liability through no fault of his own.  ITIC offers additional cover for cargo liabilities.

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Cash in transit Insurance

ITIC offers a unique insurance package to its members.  The combination of cash in transit and petty cash insurance offers members the convenience of a single policy at a competitive premium.

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Cash in transit insurance fact sheet

Commission Income Insurance

ITIC's loss of commission cover is tailored to meet ship brokers' needs, offered as an endorsement to members' existing liability insurances.  There are two levels of cover, actual and constructive total loss only, and full cover which insures a wide range of marine perils.

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Commission income insurance fact sheet

Cyber Liability Insurance

Press stories of attacks by hackers are increasingly common but the reported victims are often well-known companies that hold large amounts of credit card and other sensitive personal data. ITIC has therefore developed an extension to its existing cover. The policy will protect against liabilities arising from unauthorised use of your computer network. To request a quote, please fill out a cyber liability proposal form:

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Cyber Liability fact sheet

Cyber Liability Insurance - Draft Endorsement Indication

Directors' & Officers' Insurance

D&O insurance cover protects companies and their directors, officers and senior managers against claims arising from their decisions and actions taken whilst managing their business.

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Directors' and Officers' Insurance - The Claims Experience

Directors' and Officers' Insurance - Draft Endorsement Indication

Directors' and Officers' fact sheet

Everyone makes mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes...

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